LawCare Initiative


LawCare Initiative


Is this your life?

Many people love being a lawyer, and that’s great. However, for some it can be a struggle due to an impossible workload, bullying superiors, long hours or just uncertainty that this is how they want to spend their years. LawCare offers free and completely confidential support for those who are finding that life as a lawyer is no picnic

Are you suffering from Stress?


Symptoms may include:

§         Reluctance to take time off work

§         Bouts of irritation, anger and resentment

§         Extreme exhaustion

§         Physical illness - sometimes with a tendency to smoke or drink too much

§         Too little time for family

Are you suffering from Depression?


Symptoms may include:

§         Diminished interest or pleasure in activities

§         Sleep disturbances Fatigue or loss of energy

§         Indecisiveness and inability to concentrate

§         Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide


Do you have an Alcohol problem?

Symptoms may include:

§         Problems with relationships or work

§         Preoccupation with alcohol, including feelings of guilt

§         Attempts (usually short-lived or unsuccessful) to control drinking

§         Mood swings

§         Shaking and/or blackouts after heavy drinking.

LawCare Helpline: 0800 279 6888

Open from 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on weekdays, 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. weekends and bank holidays. • Admin: 01268 771333


Your Questions Answered


How much does the LawCare service cost?
The service is totally free, although any subsequent professional counselling or treatment will normally have to be paid for, though we will help source funding if we can.

Is it really completely confidential?
Yes, you need not give your name when you call, and LawCare is specifically exempted from the rule requiring malpractice to be reported.

Is the helpline staffed by volunteers?
No, the helpline is manned by a paid staff of former lawyers who have training in telephone counselling.

What happens when I call?
We will discuss your issue with you, and help you work through it and consider the options open to you in dealing with it. Where necessary we will refer you to other help such as your GP a professional counsellor, an inpatient treatment centre or a LawCare volunteer.


What else does LawCare offer?
Our Wellbeing Portal is an online tool to help you assess and address the stress in your life. We also offer free (except for expenses) CPD accredited presentations and seminars on subjects such as Stress Recognition, Time Management, Vicarious Trauma and Effective Email. If booked before 20th February 2014, LawCare will cover the expenses too making this completely free CPD training.


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